State Tuition Assistance

State Benefits
AK Funds up to 12 credits per semester at a state university after the FTA limit has been reached
AL Up to $2,000/year; AIT/Tech school completion. 10 year eligibility period once started. FAFSA completion required. Only instate rates apply.
AR Up to $2,500/semester; 15 years or less TIS No PT or HT/WT flagging actions Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0. Cannot exceed 130 semester hours/8 semester limit
AZ 100% Tuition for open seats only after registration has closed; After Federal Benefits have been exhausted and completion of IADT.  This waiver is not currently funded and has been deferred until 2017
CA Depending on type of school, the maximum 9-month award amount for an undergraduate is $12,240; 2 years minimum in the CAARNG or SMR and remain active member. Be California resident. Enroll in at least 3 units per term; Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.
CO Up to $475 per credit hour. Up to $4,250 paid per semester/trimester/quarter. Cap-132 semester hours or 8 calendar years whichever is reached first; Title 10: Deployment, Call up only Title 32: Traditional, AGR, Fed Tech, M-Day. 6 month service in CONG required (IST Transfers may get waived). Must be degree seeking. Pell Grant applied first. STA must be applied first. Any remaining tuition, up to 100%.  Combined payments cannot exceed 100% of actual tuition costs. No fees paid.  2.0 cumulative grade point average required for continued eligibility.  Air Guard also 
CT 100% Tuition; Member of the CTNG  in good standing submit application thru their unit.  Veterans Honorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces, 90 days active Military duty during war.  Public Colleges and Universities require proof of service with a DD 214
DC Up to $2,000/yr for tuition and $500 for fees ($6,000 for Air); Must successfully complete course or be recouped. Maintain 2.0 GPA. No PT failure or HT/WT failure. Must have NLT 1 yr remaining before ETS. Used only up to Master's.
DE Up to the in-state tuition rate; 6-yr obligation and must apply all other applicable benefits first
FL Up to 100% of tuition/fees/books for FL Public Schools. Private Schools-up to highest cost of public school tuition rate; Can use in conjunction with FTA. Must pass each class. Must provide official grades. FLARNG member in good standing.
GA 100% tuition at state schools (or up to $2,174/sem. at other approved schools).Scholarship up to $2,000/year for 4 years; Tuition waiver is accomplished through a service-cancelable loan.  So long as student remains a Georgia Guardsman in good standing, tuition is waivered.  No additional service is required beyond the current semester.  Scholarship is for Georgia Guardsman/Reservist (or the spouse/child of one) who is a combat veteran deployed on/after 1 Feb 2003.
GU No state program
HI 50% for Tuition university, 100% for community college/semester. Undergraduate degrees only. Course must be required for degree. Must be a STEM Course and receive C or better. Can be used along side GI Bill and Federal Tuition Assistance
IA Not less than 50% of Cost of Attendance not to exceed State Regents Average Tuition Rate; Complete IADT. Be an Iowa Resident.  Attend an Iowa School. Be an enlisted member in good standing assigned to a unit in the Iowa Army or Air National Guard. Must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.
ID Up to $4,000 a state fiscal year for FY17; Must apply online ONLY through GKO IDARNG education services web portal. Attach qualifying unofficial grades record from school & w9 to GKO online application within 30 days of class completion date.  Must achieve C or better.   Have 2 years before ETS on record. Not fail APFT or have flag on record BOTH at application date & before class ends.
IL 100 percent tuition grant for state-supported school; must have a minimum of one year of service
IN 100 percent tuition up to 15 semester hours per semester and certain fees; IN National Guard member. IN State residency is not required.
KS The KSNG Educational Assistance provides a % of tuition and fees paid; up to a max rate not to exceed the max rate that would be charged by the state educational institutions for enrollment.The % is determined by the # of eligible students and available appropriations; Be an enlisted member in good standing assigned to a unit in the Kansas Army or Air National Guard; Have a GED or high school diploma to qualify for this assistance; The member must have less than 20 years of service with the National Guard; and not have obtained a bachelor’s degree. Students may be pursuing a certificate, diploma or degree program and must be an enlisted member of a Kansas Air/Army National Guard unit. Full-time
KY Tuition only, up to 12 hours per term, at the in-state tuition rate; Must have completed Basic Training or contracted SMP. Is applied before FTA and cannot exceed 100% of actual cost of tuition. School must be physically located within the state.
LA 100 percent tuition waiver for LA residents
MA 100% tuition/fees; Must be in good standing with the Guard, No Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flag)
MD Up to 50% of Tuition and Fees for waiver and up to $750 or 50% of remaining balance after applying all other applicable benefits. For Reimbursement: Must attain a C or better and is limited to E4 and below pursuing first degree.
ME 100% Tuition Only; Must use FTA first will cover any difference between $250.00 per credit hour and cost at college/university. Undergraduate programs only
MI $600 per SH Up to $6,000/year; Required to use FTA if eligible/C or better UG B or better G, all ranks, no service obligation, up to Master's or first professional degree
MN Up to 100% of tuition only based on the University of MN undergrad SEM rate or graduate SEM rate. 144 lifetime credit limit; C grade or better for undergrad; B grade or better for graduate. In combination with FTA/CH33, cannot exceed 100% of actual tuition. *Membership is required in MN ARNG/MN ANG
MO $276.20/SH up to 100% of in-State rate; Must maintain 2.5 GPA and must use Federal Tuition Assistance first and pays only tuition. Caps at 15 Credit hours for Fall and Spring, and 9 credit hours for Summer
MS $4,500 / Not to exceed $2,250 per semester; Undergraduate only. Must have completed Basic Training (BCT).  LIMITED to Soldiers/Airmen in the MSNG who are NOT ELIGIBLE for Federal Tuition Assistance (Soldiers who have completed Basic Training, but have not served one (1) year of service past AIT / BOLC completion)
MT $100 a credit/up to $1200 a semester; E1-E7, WO1-CW3, O1-O2, 6 year contract with National Guard (Army or Air), must have completed AIT, working on an undergraduate degree, and be attending a State School - paid only for passing credits.
NC Varies: amount set by the NC State Education Assistance Authority each fiscal year; Making SAP at the school, active drilling member of NCNG prior to start of classes, have 2 years remaining on contract with the Guard at the end of the academic period for which tuition assistance is provided, based on availability of funds.
ND Capped at the highest state school rate for like amount of credits, lifetime limit of 130 undergraduate credits and 39 graduate credits; Must utilize FTA when not in conflict with GI Bill. C or better to receive reimbursement for undergraduate, B or better for graduate. Can be used for tuition and Fees.   Combined cannot exceed 100% of actual costs.   Subject to availability of funding.  Must be a member in good standing.  Is available to both ARNG and ANG.  Must be able to complete course prior to ETS.  Written into state statute.  Up Front by state legislature.  Is a reimbursement program, combined with a waiver program.  Schools must be physically located in state.   Available for public and private schools who agree to waive part of their tuition.  Has a lifetime limit.  Must obtain a minimum grade or better.  Can be used to pay all tuition and fees during 1 year wait period for FTA.
NE 75% of Tuition up to in-state rate; Must exhaust FTA first. Enlisted personnel only, only to the Bachelor's level, Must agree to serve an additional 3 yr with NEARNG. Payment directly to school upon successful completion of course.
NH Up to 100%; Must use all federal benefits first including available Post 9-11 GI Bill Benefits and exhaust all GoArmyEd benefits first 
NJ 100% tuition only, up to 16 credits per semester; Only covers tuition not fees. Must use all state and federal financial aid (FAFSA), including available Post 9-11 GI Bill Benefits, first. Soldier must be enrolled as undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing with the public school they are attending.
NM Up to but not to exceed 100%150 SH Credits or Bachelors degree; whichever comes first. No Masters or professional programs; In combination with other programs, cannot exceed 100% of actual costs.
NV 100% tuition only; Tuition only, no fees. 2.0 GPA at the end of the semester is required or the Soldier will owe the school the tuition cost.
NY 100 percent of SUNY tuition rate funded up to bachelor’s (no certificates)
OH 100% for Ohio Public Institutions / Max for Private is average cost of public schools; Up to Bachelors Degree Level / Tuition  includes general and instructional fees.
OK Up to 18 credits tuition only  per semester; 2.0 GPA. Up to Bachelors Degree only.  Tuition only/ Associate or Bachelor degree program for in-state 2 or 4 year colleges only.
OR No state program
PA $3,410/semester; 6-yr obligation to PANG and must apply all other applicable benefits first (FTA, GI Bill, etc). In combination with other programs, cannot exceed 100% of actual costs. Can be used for ALL costs associated with attending an institution of higher learning (tuition, fees, books, room and board, etc) but cannot exceed 100% of costs.
PR Up to 18 credits/year, up to $75/credit (Masters or PHD) up to $1,350/yr or $50/credit (Certificate or Bachelors) up to $900/yr. Studies to obtain a Medical Specialty, up to $1,000 per year (max 2 years). Veterans in Public university of the state are free and dependents 50%; Member of the PRNG  contribute $5.00 per month. Benefits applies to either Soldier or dependent (one at a time). Show DD 214  for eligibility.
RI Five classes per semester; wavier program.
SC Up to $9,000/yr (ANG only) ARNG Soldiers are capped at $4,500.00 not to exceed $18,000 total. State TA is applied after FTA; In combination with other programs, cannot exceed 100% of actual costs.
SD 50% of tuition only; Available to SDNG members at completion of basic training. Soldier must be in good academic standing with the applicable school they are attending. Program covers 128 hour cap for BS and 32 hour cap for Masters.
TN 100% tuition up to 2 years; The State of Tennessee offers three different college program options including Tennessee Promise, Reconnect and LEAP.  Each program has different criteria and offers various benefits to qualified residents of Tennessee.
TX Annual: 12hrs NTE $2,250 Per Semester: Up to 6 Hours for tuition & mandatory fees NTE $2,250; Actively drilling TXARNG, TXANG & TXSG Must complete Basic Training Any enlisted Soldier-O5 When used with FTA and GI Bill CH 33, cannot exceed 100% of tuition Failed, dropped or incomplete classes are not reimbursed Contingent upon available funding Undergraduate
UT Up to $5,000 yr Limited number of waivers for each state school; Used only if FTA is exhausted
VA Up to $8,000 per year for tuition and fees. Incur a 2-year service obligation to VANG. When combined with FTA, cannot exceed 100% of tuition. Residency is not required, if VA Guard Soldier is going to a Virginia-supported school. Can be used at online schools not based in Virginia if the school is non-profit and has signed the Special Arrangement Contract with the Virginia National Guard.
VI Up to 32 credits lifetime; Cannot be combined with FTA.  Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning (CELL) program offers free tuition at the UVI for Veterans who entered the Armed Forces while residing in the Virgin Islands.
VT As needed interest-free loan
WA One full year of normal academic study, 45 Quarter Hours or 30 Semester Hours; SM must agree to an enlistment contract extension for a minimum of one year and a maximum of four years in return of WANG Conditional Scholarship Program loan funds
WI Up to UW Madison rate ($4,636); Enlisted or warrant officer without a bachelors degree; payment only for out of pocket tuition cost (no fees). Cannot be flagged, must achieve a 2.0 GPA for the semester,Cannot exceed 8 full time semesters or equivalent. Must be a member of the WING on end date of course to be reimburse
WV Up to $7,000/yr; Application must be in 60 days before the start date of courses. Must maintain a 2.0 average. Must be pursuing a degree higher than one currently held. Must be attending an in State IHL
WY State schools - 100% tuition and mandatory fees charged to all students. No lab fees, course fees, internet fees or books. Private schools and Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU to ABC) $1400/semester full time. Agree to serve an additional 2 yrs in WYARNG and maintain 2.0 GPA. Cannot exceed 100% of actual cost when combined with other programs.